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One more close up of the defect on the Nikkors 70-200 VRII

Another close-up shot of the defective internal part in the new Nikkor 70-200 VRII.

Nikon Service feedback is that it does not affect overall optical performance. Maybe true now, who knows in the future but that’s hardly the point Nikon!


Close up showing clearly some loss of material in the controversial part

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  1. good post thanks for sharing need to have once

    Comment by pocketeer | 17/01/2010 | Reply

  2. Send it back E ZAH, you can still return it and get a refund or a replacement by a good one. After all this if you try to sell the lens used you going to get less for it due to the defect, no matter the condition.
    Here dealers have checked the 70-200 VRII’s they have in stock, I wouldn’t be surprised that they want to get rid of the defective lenses asap.
    I’m not going to buy any Nikon lens in the future without checking thoroughly the lens myself.

    Comment by Jorge Santos | 16/01/2010 | Reply

  3. Just received my 70-200mm VR II from B&H Photo, and it has same defect..Whatever the cause, I can’t believe that this got past quality control. My SERIAL # is 200169XX.

    Comment by E ZAH | 16/01/2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Jorge,

      Ultimately I feel really bad for Nikon. B&H rocks as far as customer service, I am sure there is no problem for replacement…we just need to find out how long before the good ones hit the stores. At this point I strongly believe that ALL of them are in question. Adorama is currently selling the 70-200mm VR II for sale brand new, along with a “used” version. Shipping is free at Adorama, so B&H had to match the free shipping. It is also insulting to believe that people spending 2400 USD on a lens are complete idiots…There is no logical explanation why they looked the other way and send them out. After all, the first time you try to wipe the lens(or UV filter) you will notice the dust. And the cracks on the thread are horrible…set it to 200mm, bring it closer to a light source and there you have it…a spoon of magic dust and the cracks.

      Feel free to post my reply on your blog,

      Best regards,

      Eugen Zah

      Comment by E ZAH | 16/01/2010 | Reply

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