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Nikon’s 70-200VRII Issue Blunder

So far, the little feedback people got came from Nikon’s service centers, each one chipping-in their own ad-hoc version of the causes and effects. Such uncoordinated response is not, per say, reassuring and reassurance is what affected customers want and expect from Nikon. The all thing is now getting completely out of control with people returning their lenses by the bucket and dealers wanting to get rid of the stock they have asap. This will have a negative impact in present and future product sales not to mention the damage already done to Nikon’s brand image. After this, who is not going to think that a thorough check of the lens or camera is the sensible thing to do before handing over their credit card details? And what about pre-ordering the new stuff? The message from Nikon’s customers is clear: We care about performance but we also expect products that aren’t cheap not to look cheap!

I was a production engineer in a major manufacturer of brown goods a long time ago and what I believe happened is that Nikon knew there was a quality issue with this specific part but they decided to ship anyway to meet the forecasted demand for the Xmas shopping season. These kind of ‘mistakes’ just don’t happen, not in the numbers we are seeing and not without the management being fully briefed and their go-ahead.

In the end this tainted affair is Nikon’s own fault and I believe they deserve every bit of the heat they are getting. Also, the absence [so far] of an official position clearly shows that Nikon still has a lot to learn in the customer relations Dept.

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